May I Have This Dance?

Psalm 27:8 (NKJV)

When You said, “Seek My face,”

My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

Worship is a dance! God's presence is not a thing of formulas and graphs, but rather of wind and fire. There's an unpredictable, unexplainable ebb and flow. The elders used to speak of a move of God being like waves of glory.

Last May, after attending an A Beka homeschool graduation ceremony at Pensacola Christian College, I was invited to check out their indoor water park. What?! Why didn't my Bible college have a water park? Anyways, when the girls were all gone and the guys were allowed in, I devolved into a kindergartner all over again. First the towering water slides and then the enormous wave machine. As thousands of gallons of water were jet propelled up an incline, would-be surfers rode and eventually crashed into man-made waves. The line of mostly campus visitors could hardly wait their turn, meanwhile the local regulars seemed almost bored. I was so impressed to watch these PCC students ride the mechanized waves, flipping and jumping, all the while maintaining an unexcitable expression like an adult playing a child's game they had easily mastered.

I wonder how those expert indoor surfers would manage on a thirty-foot wave of the shores of Hawaii or Australia. Masters of the man-made will always shutter in the face of God's surpassing handiwork. Something awakens in the expression of even the most advanced surfers, notorious for having a chill, laid back attitude, when they begin recounting the adrenaline filled details of conquering and wiping out on epic waves.

Tonight, I kept hearing the same thing over and over in my spirit. While pacing the floor at our youth prayer meeting here in Orlando, I kept hearing, "Let Me Lead!" I began to feel that Heaven was wanting to invade. As I asked the Lord to take over, I wondered what would happen next; maybe a prophecy, maybe a message and interpretation of tongues, maybe an original Spirit led song from someone on the platform. Then I began to realize how foreign those things are to this generation. There was a time when divine interruptions were welcomed and even expected in any gathering of Spirit-filled believers.

Where are the unmanufactured waves of God's glory? I can still remember my grandparents and great-grandparents spontaneously breaking into songs and shouts of tongues. Their expression seemed as though it was as unexpected to them as being soaked by the crash of a sudden wave. It was understood that the Spirit of God was as welcome to divinely interrupt and express Himself at the dinner table as He was a church service. Alas, churches have become far more professional, polished, and predictable. We may have upgraded our lighting and enhanced our production capabilities but nothing will ever be able arrest the attention of saints, sinners, elders and children like a sovereign interruption. As I prayed tonight, I had a realization that this is the entire burden of my ministry; pushing people beyond the splash zone and into the crash zone of His presence.

Please hear my heart worship leaders. You are not the lead dancer! You shouldn't be the one making all the moves. Your ministry is to pray and prepare enough to bring a spark into the room, and then step back and fan it into flame. We are faced with a generation that has mastered our indoor surfing. They're bored with our high powered mechanics. Let's introduce them to the unexplainable and undeniable! We need another baptism of His incapacitating, intimate power! As Joel Stockstill once said, "nothing will make a generation holy like leading them and leaving them in the presence of the Spirit of Him who is supremely Holy."

The psalmist David said it like this, "When You said, 'Seek My face,' My heart said to You, 'Your face, Lord, I will seek.'" In essence, God was saying, "May I have this dance?" And David said, "Anytime, any place, you are welcome to interrupt my independent, self-willed life with such an invitation, and my heart will say 'Take the lead.'"

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